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AI and the new Innovative Advertising Opportunities

by Javier Hegmann
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It has become unequivocal the importance of AI within the digital universe. Especially after the 2017 elections campaigns, in the US and Brexit, in England, it became evident that machine learning systems would no longer be a sci-fi future but an increasingly realistic present. 

In this context, there are undoubtedly multiple uses for artificial intelligence, not only in the virtual environment but for the entire planet. However, it would be remiss not to notice that the pioneering use of AI to attract audiences, although controversial, was a decisive game-changer in Marketing: big data-driven microtargeting was introduced to establish patterns and consumer behavior. 

The applicability of such machine intelligence to innovative advertising opportunities is undeniable, and it can work wonders to sway audiences towards guided unrestrained consumption. And one of the first projects that noticed early on the potential of Artificial Intelligence for Advertising was AIWORK. Take a look.

How did Digital Advertising work up until now: the FAANG companies

The Internet Ads market today is ruled by five companies coined under the acronym of FAANG, which are: 

  • Facebook (Meta);
  • Amazon;
  • Apple;
  • Netflix and 
  • Google

These companies are the major players in the tech industry game, and they all have in common data harvesting as the basis to capitalize on their interests. Only Facebook and Google are the ad-based revenue companies from this list, whereas the others are service/product-based companies.

Only Facebook and Google capitalize directly from the paid Ads distribution and have become the largest platforms in the market segment today. Any company that aspires to have a digital presence must do so through these industry giants.

The Ad managers’ designs of Facebook and Google are based on self-taught algorithms that are nothing if not Artificial Intelligence. In a very generic way, the algorithm works as follows: the advertiser/publisher includes previously selected data, such as keywords, language, location, and target audience, and the AI distributes the Ad content to people who share similarities with the concocted profile.

However, Facebook and Google AIs still don’t have auto-targeting or data sorting capability. They can collect personal data, but they can’t build profiles from scratch or sort through content to decide which is best—only better descriptive or engaging content through tags and metadata. 

All profiling, audience segmentation, and content selection are handled by other AIs and then placed as metrics on their platforms. As a result, new projects arose, such as AIWORK, which noticed this gap in the market and created new and innovative Advertising opportunities.

Content Globalization and Localization issues

Content customization is one of the most significant market gaps left open by advertisement platform AIs and the FAANGs. It is represented by the cultural and language accessibility of content at global and regional levels, concepts known as content globalization and localization

Most advertisers, marketing agencies, and traffic managers bother about neither, settling for good old-fashioned basic target audience segmentation. In other words, the content produced, especially video content, is not customized according to the distribution area. And, no expertise is required to understand that cultural and language barrier greatly harms brand awareness.  

Companies like Netflix, Amazon, McDonald’s, and Nike have grasped the concept of globalization and localization, which goes far beyond simply translating a previously conceived campaign. While it is possible to identify them worldwide (by the logo, slogan, and visual identity), they have their particularities in each country. It’s not a robotic advertising, wholly removed from the culture and references of each place. 

Since this strategy usually needs a significant investment, it is harder for smaller brands to start their global expansion process. In this sense, new and innovative Advertising opportunities have emerged for AIs that could genuinely customize content, such as AIWORK. Through AIWORK’s groundbreaking blockchain technology for Advertising called Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR), users can rest assured that their content will be both globally and locally adapted. And all for a fair price. 

From perfectly tailored idiomatic translations to imagery and even design, AIWORK allows brands to venture into new markets. In addition to capturing different market shares throughout the globe. 

AIWORK and brand safety

The digital environment is oversaturated with all types of video content. Unfortunately, some are dangerous, illegal, and potentially harmful to people. Even more, kids. 

And as previously mentioned, the major platforms, like YouTube and Facebook, can’t sort through them to protect brands from having their Ads associated with such unsafe videos. 

Bearing this in mind, AIWORK developers created one of its most essential features: ContentGraph, which can ensure brand safety for advertisers. This strategy scores videos through a decentralized AI computer network and verified crowdsourced open community. Thus, validating video content.

New and Innovative Advertising Opportunities with AIWORK

With its blockchain decentralized, open-source technology and neural ecosystem, AIWORK can analyze the video at a frame level. And as a result, it produces a rich set of metadata with very precise, extremely useful time-code to search by scene. Furthermore, all are associated with human experts, similar to Mechanical Turks, which mitigate any gaps eventually left unresolved by the AI. 

When it comes to the incredible opportunities in Ads, AIWORK can provide publishers with: 

AIWORK and Digital Product Placement – DPP

Through AIWORK’s scene detection, content producers are given quality information on time-coded placement opportunities for advertisers to insert videos, products, and banners. 

Beyond that, the technology can place moving objects and even replace products as actors handle them. Also, it enables objects to be naturally inserted post-production after the video has been filmed and edited, which lowers production costs and provides content localization. 

As far as the audience is concerned, a video that shows a person drinking a can of Coca-Cola in the US is not the same one that presents a can of Vitasoy tea in Hong Kong. But it is, all thanks to AIWORK.

AIWORK’s Ad Overlay

The Ad Overlay is a feature that creates a semi-transparent overlay across the bottom of the screen, softening the acceptance of the Ad by the viewer. In addition to that, it also targets audiences by analyzing the context of the watched video. 

So, the target public will receive an Ad directly related to whatever they’re watching. For instance, someone views a car engine video on YouTube, and a car dealership Ad is displayed on the screen. So, theoretically, it can have a much higher conversion rate. 

Interactive Touch Hotspots

Another innovative advertising AIWORK feature is a new native video concept. The Touch Hotspots allow viewers to interact and engage with the video Ad, mainly on mobile phones. 

Content producers can leverage hotspots to increase monetization as interactivity and purchase influence at a greater level. For example, when the viewer hovers over the product, additional information will appear, allowing them to either click on it, read, save it for later, or purchase the product.

In conclusion, AIWORK has shown signs of being a promising project in the Advertising sector since Google Ads. It most definitely is the next step in the way brands communicate with the public. And it further refines the way a company can segment its audience, which, in the end, results in a significant increase in sales.

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