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Diamante Blockchain Announces Strategic Partnership with Binamite to Advance Blockchain Integration

by Jalyn Rice
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Abu Dhabi, UAE – April 29, 2024 – Diamante Blockchain, a pioneer in advancing blockchain technologies, is thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership with Binamite,a leader in flexible crypto-fiat transactions. This collaboration is set to enhance thefunctionality and reach of the Diamante Net protocol while expanding the interoperabilitybetween digital currencies and traditional FIAT.

The partnership, formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding, provides comprehensive support to Binamite for the further development of their innovative solutions within the Diamante Blockchain ecosystem. Additionally, Binamite will play a pivotal role in the upcoming India Blockchain Week, which aims to promote blockchain awareness and adoption across major cities in India.

As part of the collaboration, Binamite will also benefit from discounted services on Diamante Blockchain’s cloud platform, aiding in more cost-effective development and deployment of their services. The partnership includes a reference program to incentivizefurther engagement and collaboration within the blockchain community.

Chirag Jetani, Co-Founder & COO at Diamante Blockchain, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Joining forces with Binamite aligns perfectly with our vision to make blockchain universally accessible and useful across various platforms andindustries. We are excited to support Binamite’s trailblazing initiatives in crypto-fiat Conversions.”

Anupam Varshney, Founder and CEO of Binamite, commented on the collaboration:

“Partnering with Diamante Blockchain will significantly enhance our capabilities to refine and expand our solutions, allowing users to transact seamlessly across crypto and fiat. This partnership represents a significant stride towards bridging the gap between digital and traditional financial systems.”

The partnership will also see both companies engaging in joint promotional efforts, including an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session to boost community engagement and visibility within the crypto community. This strategic alliance between Diamante Blockchain and Binamite marks a significant step towards creating a more flexible, secure, and user-friendly blockchain ecosystem that supports current and future blockchain applications.

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About Diamante Blockchain

Diamante Blockchain is dedicated to driving global blockchain adoption through its innovative Diamante Net protocol. Committed to an inclusive and collaborative approach, the company focuses on enhancing the security, scalability, and sustainability of blockchain infrastructures.

About Binamite

Binamite enables users to transact in any ratio of fiat and crypto, addressing the significant challenge of interfacing digital currencies with traditional monetary systems. As the blockchain industry races to solve the scaling trilemma, Binamite focuses on the social obstacles hindering crypto payments.

Contact Information

Lalit Choudhary

Chief Marketing Officer

Anupam Varshney

Founder and CEO – Binamite

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