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Doge Smeagol: A Meme Coin With A Diverse And Fun-Loving Community

by Javier Hegmann
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Doge Smeagol: A Meme Coin With A Diverse And Fun-Loving Community

As the pandemic takes a toll on everyone’s income and livelihood, people are turning towards alternative sources for income. One of them is trading and it involves a couple of niches as well. Crypto has boomed lately and is as popular as the stock market these days. The price of cryptos have been fluctuating more than ever and this is a good sign to say that the industry is developing. Meme coins are like the celebrities of crypto. They are excellent at marketing and catch the attention of influencers. We all know that Dogecoin is the king of meme coins and now we have Doge Smeagol following the footsteps of Dogecoin. 

Introducing Doge Smeagol

Doge Smeagol is a cryptocurrency that is learning from the life of Dogecoin. Doge Smeagol is a deflationary token whose supply will be reduced in some time. The coin will also be burnt to maintain liquidity. It values its holders very much and 3% of every transaction fee will be distributed to the holders. This is a great source of passive income. It has an anti-whale system and it also rewards the long-term holders. 

A Crypto Community 

Along with functioning as a full-time crypto initiative, Doge Smeagol also builds a strong community of like-minded people. It is important to have someone by our side in these testing times and Doge Smeagol aims for that. The fun-loving vibrant community of Doge Smeagol helps people with a lot of services and advice. 

What makes Doge Smeagol stand out?

Doge Smeagol always gives back to its people. So for every single transaction, 3% of the transaction fee is given back to the holders. 7% of the transaction fee is sent to the liquidity pool which is fully locked. This helps in being less volatile and also increases the price floor. 

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Javier Hegmann

Javier Hegmann

I have been into the cryptocurrency world for over 5 years now. I have written a lot of articles on different aspects of cryptocurrencies. My latest book is based on blockchain and how it can be used to create trustless systems. I also love the idea of decentralization and how it can help to create a more fair world.

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