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Rocket Network announces the launch of its RNK token

by Javier Hegmann
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November 25, 2021– Rocket Network is about to announce the launch of RNK token, a completely decentralized traded cryptocurrency. The RNK token allows online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without the use of a centralized financial system.
Using the Binance Smart Chain, the ecosystem enables fast and low-cost transactions (BSC). The Rocket Network uses native dual chain communication that is utilized for scaling high-performance dApps that require a seamless experience.
To achieve high-speed transactions at a low cost, the Rocket Network utilizes a system of 21 validators with Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus. Users are empowered to become validators by providing incentives for them to maintain their positions.
The Rocket network has developed a well-structured code architecture on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which provides a deflationary feature to the network by utilizing the smart chain’s full-fledged environment for developing high-performance dApps. The Rocket Network has the potential to be a cryptocurrency asset that can be used as a long-term inflation hedge or a secure store of value. 
RNK coin has the potential to be a 100X token due to its capacity to be exchanged on the market with price volatility and at a very cheap price. The deflationary token is well-positioned to be a project that can make its users wealthy through innovative use-cases. It’s worth noting that the RNK token private sale is coming to an end soon, and users can get early adopter benefits by purchasing the token before it’s listed on any exchanges.
Rocket Network’s goal of creating a decentralized traded cryptocurrency was inspired by its vision of assisting in the emancipation of people from poverty. As a result, the project intends to list on the Binance exchange in the near future. The ecosystem appears to be fully prepared to reduce the cost of dApp transactions and enable fast transactions anywhere in the world.
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