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SheepDex: The Best Platform for Trading Slippage & Liquidity Management with Triple Incentives

by Jalyn Rice
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SheepDex: The Best Platform for Trading Slippage & Liquidity Management with Triple Incentives

Cryptocurrency is based on a very volatile market. The price range keeps fluctuating and no one can ever predict with 100% accuracy what the value will be in the next few moments. This leads to trade slippage and to prevent it, we need to apply for a limit order. SheepDex provides 

services that help to solve this problem. 

What is SheepDex?

SheepDex is a cross-chain liquidity aggregation platform. Users can deploy their funds within a certain price range and thereby improving the productive capacity and reducing slippage within that range. In addition to this, SheepDex also provides a focused trading depth and target decentralised trading liquidity provides better liquidity to those who use this platform. 

Functions that can be performed using SheepDex 

With SheepDex, one can build decentralised trading, clearing and settlement network. The trading market will be connected to the market depth of the decentralised and centralised exchange. Since SheepDex has the facility of cross-chain interoperability, a wide range of tokens that are on the public chain can be used. SheepDex also has a dark-pool trading system that can support large trading orders which will be termed as independent orders. It has a triple incentive mechanism. The transaction mining in SheepDex powers stable and fast trading with an instant real-time refund of the handling fee. Yield farming lets users add liquidity and gain steady profits. It also lets users set trading ranges and also executes lower slip point transactions. 

What makes SheepDex different? 

The interval pending orders lets users improve the productivity of their capital, thereby reducing the transaction slippage, and concentrating the transaction depth. Users can independently add their preferred fee levels to manage the varying degrees of risk. 

Apart from all this functionality, users also get a refund of the transaction fee, rewards for adding liquidity, and an LP fee reward. 

Check out SheepDex to manage your liquidity with triple incentives. 

Visit the website: https://sheepdex.org/

Join official Telegram group: https://t.me/SheepDex

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