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The Sportzchain, world’s first Engage to Earn (E2E) platform is gearing up for its IDO/IEO in August 2022

by Jalyn Rice
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Location, July 18, 2022 — The world’s first engage-to-earn platform, Sportzchain (, has set its eyes on transforming fan engagement. The engage-to-earn ecosystem is poised to transform how fans consume sports. 

Users and fans will be able to connect with like-minded sports fans and turn everyday engagement with sports into a rewarding experience with the help of ENGAGE-2-EARN ecosystem.

The platform will be powered by $SPN, a native asset of Sportzchain that will encompass products including sports tokens (fan token 2.0), watch-2-earn, gamefi and more. With this, the platform aims to tokenise the membership programs of sporting teams and convert these passive fans into “invested fans”, wherein fans will be rewarded with our off-chain tokens (RWRD) that can be then redeemed for SPN, fan tokens discounted merchandise and more.

There is a finite supply of 10,000,000,000 $SPN. Within the first two-quarters of TGE, Sportzchain plans to burn around 1-5 per cent of the non-circulated supply. In addition, they have a buyback and burn program allowing them to buy $1000 worth of SPN for the first 30 days from TGE and burn it, thereby reducing the volume of SPN in circulation.

During the pre-seed, seed, and private funding rounds, Sportzchain raised more than USD 800,000. Several reputable investors have backed the project – DARQ Capital, SUNiCON Ventures, Shisan Investments, Polygon (grant), Crypto Camel and many more. The platform also has Certik as the audit partner and five plus sporting teams offering access to 800K Asian fans.

$SPN has already completed the first three rounds of private funding. The token was initially launched at a price of $0.0006. A meteoric rise of 100% occurred by the second round of the price increase to $0.0012. $SPN’s price reached $0.0020 by the third and final private round.  

After the completion of the private rounds, $SPN is slated to launch on various renowned IDOs and IEOs, including Metalaunch, GenShards, P2PB2B, Kommunitas Gagarin, Bitrue, and others, in August 2022. Those who were unable to participate in the first three rounds of the tender may now purchase $SPN for $0.0024 before it lists on CEX at a tentative first ticker price of $0.004.

A pre-IDO round will take place from 15th to 20th August, followed by IDO rounds 1 and 2 from 20th to 30th August and IEOs from September 2022. 

Details of these launchpads is updated on 

About Sportzchain

Sportzchain is a sports fan-centric platform or as we call it “digital world for fans” where the aim is to provide a 360-degree fan engagement approach for sports fans to ENGAGE AND EARN, all powered by the native asset $SPN.

Sportzchain project has a sound and experienced team and has a core advisory board, which comprises of  Mr. Ajeet Khurana, a former CEO of Zebpay and the Head of the Blockchain & Crypto Committee (India), serves as the Sportszchain project’s core advisory board chairman. Mr Kartik Garg, a current investor in Animoca, Chingari, Polygon, and numerous startups; Mr Shreyas Kutty, the Head of Guilds with Near Protocol; and Mr Suhail Chandok, a presenter, analyst and commentator on Star Sports TV.

Last but not least, Sportzchain is one of the few crypto projects that has already launched the alpha version of its web application ( and will soon launch its $SPN token. Among the first in Asia, they conducted a binding poll that allowed fans to influence team decisions, such as the team’s uniform design and the match’s date.       

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