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A large number of financial concerns are showing their interests in tokenizing aspects nowadays with respect to the tremendous growth of the cryptocurrency market. Bankex is one such financial marketplace dealing with cryptocurrencies This platform handles the cryptocurrencies including Bitcoins (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoins (LTC), and SALT and more. It facilitates the exchange or transfer of goods or services or products among the financial concerns, banks, and buyers. It focuses mainly on the sale of tokens and crypto-assets.
It utilizes a protocol called POA, which is a Proof – Of – Asset protocol. It is a combination of several blockchain technologies as well as Banking – as – a – service or BaaS. The major motto of this platform is to create decentralized capital markets with the help of various innovative contracts and assets. Its partnership concerns include DataArt, Amazix, and Symphony and so on. It deals with the types of currencies like crypto and fiat currencies.
Bankex works according to the following operational stages:
Digitization of assets
Tokenization of assets
Trading of assets and
Dealing with assets
The tokens of Bankex are usually referred to as BKX tokens, which are stored safely in the Meta Mask or MyEther Wallet.
Bankex – One of the topmost projects:
With respect to the advanced technologies used by Bankex, it has been considered as one of the topmost ICOs in the World. Both institutional, as well as private investors, have shown their extreme interest in making investments in this platform.
The following are some of the topmost financial concerns that are supporting Bankex:
Microsoft Azure
Symphony software foundation
Besides these concerns, nine different banks across the world are also supporting this platform. Of course, these banks have invested capital of around $431 billion.
Deployment of trading platform by solving Ethereum overload:
Bankex solves the overload of Ethereum network by introducing an innovative project known as ‘Plasma anti cataclysm’. It facilitates transactions between the Bankex network and the Ethereum network without any charges. It also permits the users to make a one – time deposit. The major function is to exchange or transfer funds from one network to the other.
Another innovative project of Bankex is CRYPTEX, which is an advanced technology provider with a distinct set of cryptocurrency trading technologies.
The final project of Bankex is BKX utility, which is nothing but the BKS tokens.
Unique features of Bankex:
It is a risk – free platform with an enhanced approval rate.
It provides an escrow protection mechanism for securing the crypto assets.
It allows anyone to get participated in its token sale without any restrictions.
It provides high liquidity for the assets of investors.
It helps the investors in getting huge returns on their investments, thereby making them financially independent.
It gives a bonus of around 538 ETH/BKX to the users.
The foundation of Bankex contains a highly experienced professional team.
Best Bankex Wallets for BKX Token
Bankex (BKX) token is built on the Ethereum wallet. Below is the popular and trusted Ethereum ERC20 compatible wallets to store BKX:
Claim your free 15 Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC):
Download Atomic Wallet and complete the setup.
go to setting->airdrop
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Wallet NameWallet TypeSupported CoinsLink
Atomic WalletDesktop, MobileBTC, LTC, ETH, TRX, XMR, DGB,QTUM, XLM, ZEC, XRP, BCH,ETC, DASH, AWC, BTG, DOGE,TPAY, VET, many more…Go To Website
Ledger Nano S/XHardwareBTC, BCH, BTG, ETH, ETC, LTC,ZEC, XRP, DASH, STRAT, KMD,ARK, UBQ, VTC, VIA, NEO, XST, XLM & 1,000+ moreGo To Website
MyEtherWalletWebETH, ERC20Go To Website
Trezor WalletsHardwareBTC, BCH, BTG, LTC, DASH, DOGE, ETC, ETH, ERC20, NEM, NMC, ZEC, EXP, UBQ…Go To Website
Coinbase WalletMobileMultiple Coins and TokensGo To Website
MetaMaskBrowser ExtentionETH, ERC20Go To Website
Coinomi WalletMobileBTC, ETH, ETC, BTG, DOGE, LTC, LCC, BCH, DASH, NBT, RDD,MONA, DGB, DGC, NEOSVTC, BTA, ABN many moreGo To Website
Trust WalletMobileETH, ETC, ERC20, ERC223Go To Website
imTokenMobileBitcoin, ETH, EOS, ERC20 etcGo To Website
Bread WalletMobileBTC ETH, ERC20Go To Website

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